Here is a step-by-step breakdown of payments throughout the order process:

Step 1: The Storefront sells a partner Supplier's products

The Storefront receives an order and payment from the customer via their normal checkout flow. The Storefront accepts payment for all the products in the order, whether it contains only a Supplier's products or a mix of the Storefront's and Supplier's products.

Step 2: An order is created on the Supplier's Shopify

If the order contains a Supplier's product, then an order will be created in the Supplier's Shopify admin. This order will only contain the Supplier's products involved in the customer's order.

After the Supplier ships the product, the Storefront will be charged for the Supplier's take via credit card or ACH. The amount charged will be determined by the Storefront commission that was agreed upon upfront during the proposal process.

Step 3: Canal charges fees

  • For the Storefront, Canal's fees are paid through Shopify billing, if the Storefront is hosted on Shopify, or through Stripe, if using Canal's API, at the end of every month.

  • For the Supplier, Canal's fees are taken out automatically when the Supplier is paid for their products one time per week.

Payments for Storefronts

  • Storefront receives payment from the customer for the order.

  • Storefront is charged 1x/week the Supplier’s take for the product(s). This is a charge to the Storefront's credit card on file or via ACH. The Storefront is left with the Storefront's commission for the sale. Storefronts can go to Payment History to see a detailed view of all Storefront charges. Learn more about Payment History.

  • Canal's fees are paid via Shopify billing, if Storefront is hosted on Shopify, or Stripe, if Storefront uses Canal's API, at the end of the month.

  • See here for a visual illustration of this flow 👉 FAQ Storefront Flow of Funds

Payments for Suppliers

  • The Supplier receives payments for their orders 1 time per week from Canal based on the commission they have set up with the Storefront.

  • The payment is paid out to their linked bank account 1 time per week via a linked Stripe account.

  • See here for a visual illustration of this flow 👉 FAQ Supplier Flow of Funds

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