The Canal for Storefronts app streamlines brand partnerships through 1-click negotiations, simple economics, and customizable inventory sharing agreements. Here are a few helpful tips for what to expect to get up and running with Canal.

Below you'll find a step-by-step guide to getting started with Canal:

  1. Choose or invite a supplier

  2. Send a proposal

  3. Add products to your store

  4. Start selling

  5. Pay your suppliers

Step 1: Choose a Supplier through Discover or invite a Supplier to Canal

In the Canal app, Suppliers are listed in the Discover tab (if you have access to Discover!) You can browse Suppliers by category and brand values to find the right partners for your store.

If you don’t find the Suppliers you need in the Canal app, or are looking to work with your existing Suppliers, you can invite a new Supplier to Canal.

Step 2: Establish partnership terms with proposals

You can send a proposal to a Supplier from the Discover tab, or to your invited supplier once they’ve downloaded Canal.

Proposals are lightweight contracts between a Storefront and a Supplier. In a proposal, you can select the products you’d like to sell, propose commission terms, and determine shipping settings. You can go back and forth with your supplier during the proposal stage until you’ve agreed to terms that suit your needs.

Step 3: Add approved products to your store

You can easily add supplier product PDPs to your store in the Canal app. Canal automatically populates fields like product names, images, and descriptions.

If you are a Shopify store, you should double-check that the new PDP matches your Shopify schema. Learn more about adding products to your store.

Step 4: Start selling

When your products are live on your store, you can promote your new assortment to your customers. Canal passes order information directly to the Supplier for fulfillment. Learn more about fulfillment

Step 5: Paying your Suppliers

Canal does all the work for you. Customers pay you, then Canal charges you via ACH to pay Suppliers for their products, and you are left with your earned commission. Learn more about payments.

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