Customer can either receive order updates from the Storefront or from the Supplier.

Within the Canal settings, Storefronts can scroll down to a section that is called "Email Sharing." Here, Storefronts can see the following options:

  1. Share customer email: this means that Suppliers can send transactional emails to customers related to their purchased product(s), like order confirmation, shipping, etc. Suppliers will not be allowed to send marketing emails to these customers without the customer opting in. With this option, Storefronts that have not set up transactional emails are able to use their Supplier's method for communication.

  2. Don't share customer email: this means that Storefronts will hold all communication with the customer. If Storefronts have transactional emails set up, customers will receive email updates directly from the Storefront about their purchased Canal products.

    • Send transactional emails to me: Storefronts get all updates directly.

    • Don't send transactional emails: Storefronts don't get any emails from Suppliers.

Click "Update" and your changes will be saved.

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