Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about how much it costs you to list and sell your products on Canal.

Cost Basics

Canal has no up-front costs and no recurring fees or subscriptions.

Canal is success-fee based, which means we only make money when you do. We take a small cut of each successful order our platform enables.

Canal's Commissions

There are two places where Canal collects commissions on each order:

  • From the Storefront, as a % of MSRP

  • From the Supplier, as a % of MSRP


Canal Commission

Curator Storefront

5% of MSRP

Premium Storefront

Personalized pricing

Supplier (with a Curator or Premium Storefront)

5% of MSRP

How much you earn as a Storefront or Supplier

  • As a Storefront, you will earn your agreed-upon commission fee minus the Canal commission fee:

    • For a $100 MSRP product, you will earn $25, assuming a 30% agreed-upon commission ($30 — $5, Canal's commission)

  • As a Supplier, you will keep the rest of that MSRP value minus the Canal fee:

    • For a $100 MSRP product, you will earn $65, assuming a 70% agreed-upon commission ($70 — $5, Canal's commission)

To learn more about payments see:

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