On Canal, inventory is mirrored in real-time from the Supplier's Shopify and cannot be modified by the Storefront.

This means that as a Storefront, you'll always have the most up-to-date inventory information and will be able to tell when a Supplier's inventory is running low. 🔍

Here's how you can review inventory levels

To view inventory levels, go to the Suppliers tab, and there you'll be able to see the Inventory column. Storefronts can see accurate inventory numbers here:

Here's what you'll see within the Inventory column:

  • Products with variants: the number shown is the cumulative in-stock inventory across all the variants (tip: click the small arrow below the product name to expose the inventory level of each variant).

  • "In stock": the Supplier is tracking their inventory level elsewhere. Feel free to reach out to the Supplier with the "Contact Supplier" button to double-check that your chosen products are in stock.

  • "Out of stock": that there is currently no inventory available. We advise against listing out-of-stock products on your Storefront. Reach out to the Supplier and request an alternative product.

  • Low inventory: when a product is running low on inventory (the number listed is nearing 0), we suggest you browse the Supplier's other products on Canal or reach out directly to the Supplier to find a replacement.

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