Order Fulfillment Overview

Suppliers process and fulfill orders seamlessly as though they were placed through their online store. When an order is fulfilled by the Supplier, the tracking information entered into Shopify will be visible to the Storefront.

Orders for Storefronts

  • Orders will appear, as usual, in the Storefront Shopify admin under "Orders," if the Storefront is hosted on Shopify. If the Storefront has integrated with Canal via API, the orders can be obtained through the /orders/ API endpoint.

  • All products purchased in a single transaction will be found under the same order. If the customer orders products from more than one Supplier, those products will all show up under the same order.

  • Order status will change dynamically as the Supplier fulfills the order.

  • Storefronts will be notified via email by Canal when orders placed on their site 6+ days ago have yet to be fulfilled by Suppliers.

Orders for Suppliers

  • All orders placed through partnered Storefronts will automatically appear in the Supplier's Shopify admin under "Orders."

  • These orders will contain all the necessary information that Suppliers need to fulfill them, including customer shipping information.

  • If there is a mixed order containing products fulfilled by others (i.e. by the Storefront and the Supplier), the Supplier's order will only contain the products supplied specifically by them.

  • All changes Suppliers make to the order status will update to the Storefront.

  • Suppliers will be notified via email by Canal for orders that were placed 4+ days ago on Storefronts that have yet to be fulfilled.

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