Storefronts can expand their inventory by partnering with Suppliers through (1) new Supplier partnerships or (2) increasing product selection from existing Supplier partners.

  1. Invite a Supplier by inputting their email address in the text box on the “Invite a Brand” page. After the Storefront's Supplier accepts their invitation and installs Canal, the Storefront will be able to create a partnership proposal. A proposal includes key details about the partnership.

  2. When you have already partnered with a Supplier, visit "My Suppliers" in the Canal app. View "Available" products, select the ones you want to sell, and send a new proposal for these additional products.

What is in a proposal to a Supplier to get approved to sell products:

  • Which products the Storefront wishes to sell

  • The Storefront's proposed commission

  • How much customers will be charged for shipping

Once submitted, partnered Suppliers will be able to approve Storefront proposals. After a proposal is approved, Storefronts can find their new products in the “Inventory” page of the Canal for Storefronts app.

Learn more about inviting Suppliers on Canal here.

Learn more about Storefront proposals here.

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