How does fulfillment work on Canal?

When a customer places an order on a Storefront's site, an order containing just the Supplier's products is automatically placed through the Supplier's Shopify. The customer's shipping information is passed to the Supplier.

Then, the Supplier ships the product directly to the customer according to their normal shipping schedule and carriers. When the Supplier updates the shipping information, like the tracking number, that information is shared back to the Storefront and the end customer. The Storefront does not need to take any action for the customer to receive their product.

How does Canal handle shipping costs?

Shipping products costs money! Canal helps manage any additional shipping charges the customer sees for a Storefront's Canal products, and the payments from Storefronts to Suppliers to cover a Supplier's end shipping costs.

Learn more about shipping options available to Storefronts and Suppliers. Canal has customizable options that depend on whether you use a Shopify Basic or Advanced plan, or have access to Carrier Rates.

Other questions:

How does it work if Storefronts offer free shipping over a threshold? (ex] Free Shipping above $100)

Storefront products and Supplier products sold on the Storefront's store will count towards this free shipping threshold by default. This was designed with the best customer experience in mind. Learn more about the Free Shipping Contribution setting.

What happens if Storefronts are using the Advance Shipping Rates Shopify app or another shipping app?

Unfortunately the ASR app overrides our Supplier's dynamic rate option. We recommend you choose the Custom Fixed Rate option. Don't forget to add your new Supplier products to an ASR profile with the correct shipping rate before you start selling.

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