On Canal, brands can find analytics of how their Canal-powered products are performing on the "Insights" tab.

Navigating Insights

Within Insights, Storefronts can adjust the date span they view & choose to drill down into data from one Supplier.

Metrics within Insights

  • Total sales of Canal products, including tax and shipping

  • Number of orders that include at least one Canal product

  • Total Canal product units purchased

  • Gross sales from Canal, sales before Canal fee and payment processing fee

  • Top products by quantity purchased

  • Top suppliers by revenue

  • Percentage of total sales that come from Canal products

  • Percentage of total orders that include a Canal product

  • Percentage of total units purchased that are Canal products

  • Percentage increase in average order value that Canal products drive

  • Average order value of orders containing a Canal product

  • Average order value of orders containing a Canal product, without the Canal products

  • Number of Canal products that are "active" in your store

👋 Coming soon as features on Insights

  • Ability to download all data to a CSV

  • View Payment History of transfers to Suppliers

  • Gross profit

  • Top selling products

  • Average Canal commission

  • Data into returns

Reach out to [email protected] if there is any data you would like to see.

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