The app install page on Shopify explains all the permissions required to install Canal on Shopify. We request these permissions so that we can successfully power your partnerships. This integration documentation is typical of most Shopify apps.

By installing this app, you are prompted to accept

Privacy Details

This is what this app can access in your store:

  • Customer contact information: name, email address, phone number

  • Customer location: physical address, geolocation, IP address

  • Customer device information: browser and operating system

  • Store owner contact information: name, email address, phone number

  • Store owner location: physical address

Canal only acquires sales data from the moment it's installed; nothing prior. Sales data includes customer information, such as name, email, and shipping address, in the pursuit of completing its service obligations (fulfilling the order).

It also includes the value of the order and whether or not there's a Canal product in the order. We use this data for our Insights product, which shows you how Canal improves your sales & average order value.

Sales you make through other channels, like Amazon, won't be recorded. We only have permissions to look at what comes through Shopify.

Permission Details

This is what this app can do in your store:

  • Edit orders: this includes all orders for the past 60 days, shipping information, and order fulfillments

  • Edit products: this includes product listings, products, inventory, and collections

  • Edit your online store: this includes checkout page

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