Commissions are a key part of the proposal and selling experience on Canal. Here we explain a bit more about how these work for Suppliers.

How are commissions set between Storefronts and Suppliers?

Suppliers set a commission when they sign up to Canal (usually ~30%). This is the percentage Suppliers are willing to pay Storefronts for sales of their products. Storefronts who elect to work with a given Supplier must accept that commission.

For each proposal Storefronts send to Suppliers, Suppliers have the ability to accept, decline, or offer a counter-proposal.

How do I determine what commission percentage is right for me?

Suppliers' commission on Canal is typically ~30% but can range from 10% to 40%. To figure out what commission percentage works for you and your products, use our "Supplier Economics Spreadsheet" and input your product's MSRP and margins.

Make a copy of the Supplier Economics Spreadsheet here.

Can a Supplier set commissions on a per-product basis, or do they receive the same commission for every product?

Yes, Suppliers have the ability to vary their commission per product.

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