Onboarding to Canal as a Supplier is easy! Below you'll find a step-by-step guide, as well as a how-to video:

  1. Receive an invitation to join Canal

  2. Enter your Shopify domain

  3. Install app

  4. Complete in-app onboarding

  5. Review & update product availability

  6. Onboarding complete; waiting for a proposal

  7. Connecting your Stripe account

A how-to video to Supplier onboarding if you're more of a visual learner:

Step 1: Receive an invitation to join Canal

Accept the Invitation to join Canal sent via email by your partnered Storefront.

Step 2: Enter your Shopify domain

After clicking “Accept invitation,” enter your Shopify URL and click “Continue to App.”

Step 3: Install app

Next you’ll be redirected to Shopify, where you’ll have the ability to click “Add sales channel.” This installs the Canal for Suppliers app and brings you to the first onboarding screen.

Step 4: Complete in-app onboarding

After app installation, you'll be prompted to complete the Canal app onboarding steps.

  1. Specify brand information including

    • Email (utilize main POC to receive all communication from Canal)

    • Brand name & description

    • Location

    • How did you hear about us?

    • Instagram handle

    • Brand Logo

    • Brand Banner Image

    • Read & Agree to the Terms and Conditions

  2. Select brand categories (required) & brand values (optional)

  3. Enter customer support information

    • Customer Service Email

    • Return Policy Link

  4. Set partner commission

    • This is the percentage your Storefront partners will earn on sales of your product.

    • Standard rates vary between 25% and 40%.

Step 5: Choose how you want to list your products

Once you've set your partner commission, you'll see the following modal that allows you to choose how you'd like to list your products on Canal:

"Keep my products listed": This will import all of your product offerings into Canal, where you can then modify or unlist on a product-specific basis.

"I'll choose products to list": This will unlist all of your products on Canal, which takes a bit of time to complete. You'll have the ability to list products individually and in bulk in the "Not Listed" tab

To list products, navigate to the “Not Listed” tab. You can add products individually by clicking the “List” button.

To list products in bulk, use the checkboxes to select products. Then, click “List on Canal” from the top.

To unlist products, navigate to the “Listed” tab. You can remove products individually by clicking the 3 dots, then the “Unlist from Canal” button.

To unlist products in bulk, use the checkboxes to select products. Then, click “Unlist on Canal” from the top.

Step 6: Canal app installation & onboarding is now complete.

At this point, you will wait to receive a proposal(s) from the Storefront that invited you. The proposal will contain the products that the Storefront is requesting to sell. Once you approve the proposal, the Storefront can begin selling your product.

Step 7: Connecting your Stripe account

After completing the steps above, you should receive an email to connect your Stripe account within 24 hours.

You'll need to connect your Stripe account in order to receive payments from your Storefront partners (you may need to loop in the person who handles Stripe for your business). If you don't receive the email, or need us to resend it, please reach out to [email protected].

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