Whether you're inviting one or many suppliers to Canal, it's easy to invite partners to join you on Canal via the app. 👋

Go to the Refer & Earn tab

In the Canal app, click the "Refer & Earn" tab. You have two options for inviting a brand to Canal:

  1. 🤝 Invite a Direct Partner

  2. 👋 Invite a Friend

Selecting your invite type and method

Invite a Direct Partner

Depending on which app you are using, you’ll see an option for Direct Supplier or Direct Storefront.

  • You’ll see Direct Supplier if you are in the Canal for Storefronts app, or

  • You’ll see Direct Storefront if you’re in the Canal for Suppliers app.

When you use the Direct Partner option, the Supplier or Storefront you invite will receive content related to how to partner with you via Canal.

Invite a Friend

Using the friend option, you can invite anyone to Canal and allow them to sign up to be a Storefront, Supplier, or both. The email and signup landing page where they are directed will have general information on both Canal apps, and they will be able to pick the app that best fits their needs.

Next, choose your invite method – by email or by a custom link.

Method #1: Invite with Email

🪄 Canal Tip: always Invite your partners via email on Canal. When you invite via email, you can...

  • View status updates of the invite email you've sent

  • Invite many suppliers in one go. If you're planning a pop-up shop or marketplace with many different brands, this is the fastest way to share multiple invites.

Five steps to inviting with Email:

  1. Select Friend or Direct Supplier / Storefront, depending on the app you are using

  2. Add the email addresses of all the brands you'd like to invite. Go ahead and check your mail app; we'll wait! 😉

  3. (Optional) Personalize the populated message on the screen if you'd like

  4. (Optional) Click "Preview email" next to the send email button to see how the email will appear to the recipient

  5. Click the "Send email" button when you're ready to send 🎉

Method #2: Invite with Link

  • If you prefer to send an invitation link manually, copy and paste your brand's personalized link and send via the message tool of your choice. Make sure to double check if you’ve selected ‘Friend’ or ‘Direct partner’ because the invite link will change!

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