Proposals are light weight contracts sent by a Storefront to a Supplier.

Three parts to a proposal:

  1. Products & commission: Storefronts can send proposals for any product Suppliers have listed on Canal. They are recommended to use the Supplier's default commission, however Storefronts do have the ability to propose a new commission.

  2. Shipping: We recommend selecting "Supplier's shipping rate," which will use the default settings of the Supplier's store. If this is not an option, we recommend "Fixed rate per order" where the average rate is ~$6. The Supplier's account will then be credited the shipping paid by the customer, along with the product less commissions and fees.

  3. Partnership details: In this section, the Storefront will share details of how, when, and where they plan to sell the Supplier's products.

When Storefronts complete a proposal, the Supplier is alerted. Suppliers can then respond to Storefronts with changes requested or they can accept the proposal. Storefronts and Suppliers can go back and forth until terms are agreed upon. When the Supplier accepts the proposal, Storefronts can then add Supplier products to their store & start selling!

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