Payment Overview

Customers pay Storefronts directly for Supplier products sold on their site. Canal then facilities Suppliers getting paid out for their products. Understand Storefront flow of funds here.

Canal transfers the funds from the Storefront's Bank Account (recommended) or via Credit Card to the Supplier 1x per week. This charge will appear on the Storefront's statement as "Canal [Brand Name] Storefront, Orders [date span]."

Payment Details

When Storefronts set up their account on Canal, they have to add a payment method to get selling.

  • Bank Account: We recommend Storefronts add their bank account for ACH payments to save more than 2% in payment processing fees. We use Plaid to securely authenticate and capture Storefront bank account information.

    • Payment processing fee: 0.4%, capped at $5.00

  • Credit Card: If Storefronts prefer to pay via credit card, we make that option available as well.

    • Payment processing fee: 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction

Once a payment method is added, Storefronts will see a screen like this. The primary method of payment can always be changed.

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