The standard fields that make up the Storefront's product page (e.g. images, description, price) are passed through from the Supplier's product page to the Storefront's once the Storefront chooses to add the product from Canal to their store. From that point on, the Storefront has complete control over the product data, with a few exceptions.

Below is a breakdown of what Storefronts can and cannot control once a Supplier product is pushed to their store.

Supplier product information Storefronts can control on Canal

  • Title

  • Description

  • Images

  • Shipping information

  • Delete variants

Supplier product information Storefronts cannot control on Canal

  • Edit price

  • Edit Inventory numbers (dynamically synced from your Supplier)

  • Duplicate the product (product will "unlink" with Canal)

  • Add new variants (product will "unlink" with Canal)

  • Change the location inventory is stocked

    The Storefront is responsible for adjusting the product metadata to fit their store's brand. For example, a Storefront may choose to add statements such as "Fulfilled by our friends at [Supplier Brand]" to the PDPs or they may leave all fields as the Suppliers originally had them.

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