If you're running a marketplace business, below are a series of best practices we recommend for optimizing for success!

General best practices

  • Clearly state return instructions & policies on central landing pages and on product pages.

  • When applicable, provide links to Supplier’s return policies in PDPs.

  • Select the option within Canal to pass customer emails to the Supplier - this ensures transactional emails related to the order, such as order confirmation, shipment, delivery, and refund (if applicable) are sent from the Supplier.

  • If you're on Shopify, leverage Shopify product options to identify where and when products ship.

  • Create a customer support email or a general email alias to field questions from customers.

  • Create a Marketplace FAQ on your website to address questions on returns, refunds, and order fulfillment for your customers.

    • For recommended FAQs to include on your site, use this template.

Key Reminders

When establishing your storefront, we recommend mapping out several key areas to ensure a positive and seamless customer experience. These include:

  • Customer Inquiries: Establish a dedicated path for customers to submit inquiries.

  • Return Policy: Establish a return policy for your products, including product eligibility and time period.

  • Refund-Only Scenarios: Identify scenarios that qualify for “return-less refunds” based on product type, such as beauty or food, or scenario, such as product damage.

  • Return Shipping Costs: Decide whether customer pays for return shipping.

  • Inventory Disposition: Determine whether you want to receive returned inventory or send back to suppliers.

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