Whether you're curious how much you paid to Canal for a single shipment or you're reconciling payments for accounting purposes, you'll find everything you need on your Payment History on the Canal app.

Within Payment History, a Storefront can view all past charges coming from purchases of Canal-powered products.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to get to Payment History in the app

  2. What you'll see on your Payment History page

  3. What information Payment History contains

  4. Additional details on each payment line item

Getting to Payment History

You can get to Payment History in two ways:

Method #1: Click on the "Insights" tab from any page, then click "View Payment History".

Method #2: From any page, hover under your brand's name in the upper righthand corner and click "Settings"

Once on Settings, scroll down until you see Payment History

What you can find on your Payment History page

On your Payment History page, you'll find all the payment information you need to compare charges that you see on your bank account or credit card:

The journey from order to payment history

  • When a customer purchases a Canal-powered product from your Storefront, the customer pays the Storefront in full for the product

  • Canal then charges you as a Storefront 1x/week for the Suppliers' product commission and shipping + Canal transaction fee

  • Your Payment History page then breaks down these weekly charges into order and product line items

Within your Payment History page, you'll see a number of data points

Here's what they all mean:

  • Date: the date that your payment instrument was charged

  • Orders: the total orders included in the charge (usually one week of orders)

  • Units: the total Canal units included in the charge

  • Type:

    • "Products" means this was for Canal products purchased

    • "Service fee" means this was for Canal's transaction fee

  • Payment method: where the charges were made (bank account, credit card, or via Shopify billing)

  • Net profit: the bottom line profit for you from orders represented on this charge

  • Amount paid: total charge on the payment instrument

If you click on a payment line item within the table, you'll be able to dig into even more detail

  • Total charge: shipping charges + product charges + Canal transaction fee

  • ID: Canal associated payment ID, use this to reach out to Customer Service with any questions

  • Shipping charges: total shipping cost that you agreed to pay the Supplier per order

  • Product charges: total product charges that go to the Supplier

Payment History also contains the following for each unique order:

  • Order number: your order number in Shopify, click here to link to the order in Shopify. Note: this is only available for Storefronts hosted on Shopify.

  • Brand: Canal Supplier

  • Product: product purchased

  • MSRP: total product cost, as determined by the Supplier

  • Quantity: number of this product purchased in this order

  • Subtotal: total product cost

  • Your commission: Storefront's percentage take for the product, agreed upon by the Supplier

    • Gross profit: Storefront's take for the product

    • Net profit: Storefront's take for the product, less the Canal transaction fee

  • Total product charges: total charge for product sales, this does not represent shipping

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