Your launch is planned and you're almost ready for showtime!

As a final step, please run through this checklist to make sure everything looks and works perfectly for the new products on your site.

Prefer to view this checklist in a Spreadsheet? Check out our QA Prep Template here!

Products to-dos:

  • For Shopify users, make sure all products are set to "Active" and are listed on your Online Store

  • Take a look at the Inventory page in your Canal App, and make sure that none of the products you want to sell are marked as "Out of Stock"

  • Check the size and resolution of product images to ensure they look beautiful

  • Double-check your product descriptions, and feel free to include a line, something like "Fulfilled by our friends at BrandName!"

  • Look at your product pages on desktop and mobile and make sure they look great

  • Make sure these products are added to your upsell and cross-sell tools

  • Test searching for these products on your site and make sure they are discoverable via search and in your navigation

  • Be sure that these products can successfully be added to cart, and don't appear to be out of stock on your website

Check-out to-dos:

  • Double-check that you are collecting tax from customers for these products

  • Make sure that shipping charges appear as expected

  • Test out check-out (right up until you click place order), and make sure that you don't run into any errors

  • If you don't want discount codes to work on these products, be sure to create exceptions for them

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