Free Shipping Contribution


By default, all Canal products contribute to your site's free shipping threshold. This is less confusing for customers. This is the Integrated setting you'll see in onboarding, and in Settings under the Shipping tab.

Canal tip: If you do not have a site-wide free shipping threshold, please keep your setting on Integrated.


If you would like Canal products to not count toward your site's free shipping threshold, you can change your Free Shipping Contribution setting to Separated. With this setting, only your first party products will contribute to any free shipping threshold you may have.

Note: This is currently a Beta feature on Canal. For this feature to work, you will need to download and onboard onto the Canal for Suppliers app. You are required for us to have both apps for us to correctly calculate your cart's shipping totals.

Canal tip: If you select separated, we recommend adding a visible note to your product detail page that Canal products do not count towards your site's free shipping threshold.

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